born 22.11.1976, in city of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Welcome to virtual paintings gallery of artist PETRA TIMUROVÁ, where you will find her artwork.

Artist Petra Timurová is living and creating her paintings in Chodov by Karlovy Vary. Her paintings are usually oil on canvas, styled as structural abstraction, with technique called ALLA PRIMA.

„Actually I am fascinated by structural painting, its symbology and color spectrum and tonality. My inner world, feelings which I cannot name or describe, I express using my paintings. These are as my diary, which can prefectly straighten out my thoughs."

Although you will find here mostly paintings, you might also take a look in gallery of first artworks and artworks created on workshops, such as sculpture from sandstone, wooden statue, cubic stoned object. Computer graphics, where artist usually combines her photographies with her paintings. Also you may read her poetry (in czech), see her photos, quickies from exhibitions, artistic workshops, supplemented with comments.

Structural abstractional paintings difference between Petra's paintings and paintings from other artists is in paint technique called ALLA PRIMA combined with her own secret technique, makes dentation plasticity visible as geometrical shapes depending on light direction and hardness. This style is original, and Petra Timurová is the only artist using this style of painting at full range, on whole painting, maybe because it is time- and work-consuming. Exhibitions visitors may notice unique show of light and shadows, making geometrical shapes on the canvas. Paintings are usually painted on canvas with oil colors, with dry brush specially altered to create structure on painting, similiar to spattle. One painting takes about one and half month of work, depending on canvas size.

Another difference between classical painting and technique ALLA PRIMA is that final visual effect, resulting painting, might be in classical technique a result of seventh try, but with ALLA PRIMA it is always first. No matter what work methods chosen, paintings and pictures created directly and without pre-paint, have surface intimity, freshness and magic inside. In many ways, ALLA PRIMA is one of the most difficult oil techniques, because its depending on success of every brush stroke, but not only its expression, but also choice of color, tone and strength of oil spot, and also relation to color, tone and form of nearby strokes.

You will find here also early artworks i style of naive paintings, painted with temperas on paper, ink or felt-tip pen pictures, as well as painting made with combined techniques, form of decal.

Your reflections and comments are very much welcome :-)

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